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The fight against cancer is a major public health issue.
Cancer is the leading cause of death in France.
Each year, cancer is responsible for 157,400 deaths and affects 382,000 people in France.

Gustave Roussy would not be the 3rd best cancer center in the world without the tremendous capacity to innovate that generosity allows.
Philanthropy has a major role to play in leveraging the French flagship Gustave Roussy into a dynamic of innovation for patients living with cancer!
Thanks to generosity, progress in research for the benefit of today's patients and all those who will be affected tomorrow is significantly accelerated.

We are all aware of the urgency of the situation, which is why your donations are our most valuable asset.

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Since 2009, Gustave Roussy and its Foundation have benefited from the "Don en confiance" accreditation issued by Comité de la Chartre. This approval attests to the transparency of fundraising procedures and the proper management of donations.